Desert Lawn Care Tips

15 December 2015
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Living in the desert can make for some tricky landscaping. With extremely hot and dry climates, it can be a challenge to make sure you have a beautiful yard. Sandy topsoil and extended dry periods can make growing plants more difficult. If you live in the desert, here are some helpful tips that can make your lawn and garden look beautiful with the proper care and maintenance. Grass and Cacti Read More 

Create A Turtle Habitat With These Aquarium Supplies

13 February 2015
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A turtle can be a fantastic pet, but creating a proper habitat for a turtle can be tricky. Turtles breathe air and most lay their eggs on land, which means that they need land space, but they also tend to live near water and spend much of their lives in water, so they need water space available as well. You can create an aquarium that contains both water and land space for your new pet turtle. Read More 

The Benefits Of Using Sod To Create A Lush Lawn

16 January 2015
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You may have just finished building a new home, or perhaps you recently completed a home renovation project. If you want a green lawn but don't want to wait for lawn seed to grow, sod can be a helpful choice. It's useful to understand the details of how sod works, and how it can be beneficial for your yard. Sod refers to sheets of grass with soil beneath, that can be placed on dirt and rolled out to create a fresh lawn appearance. Read More