4 Tips For Starting A Veggie Garden This Spring

19 December 2014
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Are you tired of the poor quality of produce available at your local supermarket? Do you want more variety than what you can find locally? It's never too early to start planning a garden. If this will be the first year you'll be gardening, here are some tips to get you started: Buy mostly plants, not seeds: You may be tempted to start ordering every seed you can find. However, this is probably not the best idea for your first garden. Read More 

The Many Uses Of LP Gas Down On The Farm

4 November 2014
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LP gas is a clean-burning fuel with many uses. Most people know that propane is commonly used to heat homes, cook foods, and fuel cars. While these are the most common uses, LP gas also has many uses on the farm and in other agricultural settings. Propane is used in more than 600,00 farms in the United States, so farmers can count on LP Gas to keep their business running smoothly.  Read More