How Tree Trimming Services Can Preserve The Condition Of Your Farming Equipment

27 June 2016
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Agriculture and farming is hard enough without having to worry about what objects are in the environment and how these objects affect the condition of your farming equipment. If you would like to preserve your equipment as best as you can, you may want to consider hiring some special services to help. Tree trimming services is one such example, and here is how these services can help you preserve the condition of your farming equipment.

Low Branches Are Removed to Prevent Broken Windows and Scraped Paint

Farming equipment, such as tractors and combines, ride up high on big tires. As such, it is hard to avoid accidentally hitting low-hanging branches on the trees around your fields. The tree trimming service you hire takes into account the height of your farm equipment and then cuts back or cuts off all branches and limbs that are at that height or below it. 

Tipping Trees Are Removed to Prevent Broken Parts inside and out of the Equipment

Many trees in their natural environment grow out of the ground at all kinds of odd angles, not just straight up. As such, you might have one or two trees near your fields that appear as though they are tipping over or growing out of the ground at a potentially harmful angle. Even though the root systems of these trees seem securely planted in the ground, it only takes a bad storm, high winds or an accidental push from heavy machinery to uproot them, break them in half or cause them to fall over.  If they land on your equipment, scraping or breaking components as they fall, or end up under your tractor, plow or combine and jam up the machinery, you will wish you had asked the tree trimming service to remove these oddly-growing trees. Go ahead and have this service completed before things get that far.

Tire-Popping Tree Roots Are Cut Loose

Exposed tree roots are a nuisance even when you are just walking across your fields. When your farm equipment rolls over them, the weight of the machinery can crack the roots into shards, which may be sharp enough to pop the tires. Then you not only have to pay for new tires and repairs to your equipment, but you still have to remove these roots and pieces of roots also. It is just better to have the tree trimming service remove these exposed roots for you during spring thaw and then you do not have to worry about the roots causing problems for your equipment.

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