The Benefits Of Using Sod To Create A Lush Lawn

16 January 2015
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You may have just finished building a new home, or perhaps you recently completed a home renovation project. If you want a green lawn but don't want to wait for lawn seed to grow, sod can be a helpful choice. It's useful to understand the details of how sod works, and how it can be beneficial for your yard.

Sod refers to sheets of grass with soil beneath, that can be placed on dirt and rolled out to create a fresh lawn appearance. It is often used for residential yards or golf courses, for example. The sod is held together by a piece of material or grass roots. It can be installed by landscaping professionals to create the appearance of a well-grown lawn. Before installing sod, a soil test is recommended, to make sure the soil pH will support new grass growth:

Reasons to Choose Sod for Your Yard

In addition to the quick time-frame for installing sod, it can also have other benefits for your yard. Sod can be a great choice for damp, rainy conditions since it can have water drainage properties. It can also be long-lasting, and it can be used to help reduce soil erosion. Overall, sod may be a simple way to create a welcoming appearance to the back and front yard of your home.

Deciding on a Type of Sod

Various kinds of sod exist, and the sod may be a mixture of several types of sod grass. Choosing the right sod for your yard depends on the local weather and soil composition. In addition, certain types of sod may be recommended for certain amounts of foot traffic. It can also help to consider the amount of sunlight the grass will receive on your property, to choose the right sod.

Delivery and Installation of Sod

Sod tends to be grown on farms near delivery, or it may be bought at a garden center. Some businesses provide sod delivery within 24 hours, and it should be installed right after it is delivered. Many landscaping companies provide sod installation services. If you are preparing your home for an open house or viewing, you can appreciate the speed and ease of installing sod.

Taking Care of New Sod

Dry dirt can be an excellent foundation for sod, and sod needs plenty of water roots to grow. Generally, sod should be watered right away after installation. In order to keep sod healthy and growing, make sure you will be able to water it regularly, unless you live in a very wet climate. New sod won't need to be fertilized, but you will likely need to fertilize in future seasons. 

Sod can transform the appearance of your yard. To learn more about sod in your area, search for a sod growing farm or garden center near you or a company like California Sod Center. Sod growing professionals can advise you about the proper type of sod for your yard. In addition, they can provide information about how quickly they can install the sod and the necessary dirt conditions.